Fingertron Demon Racing

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Hi there. I would like to make a quick announcement. We've released one more iOS game with my friend. The first one was Turbofinger Arcade Racing and now Fingertron Demon Racing is added to the list. If you are interested, follow me on Twitter and stay tuned!

Fingertron Demon Racing is a small hobby project. We are both have relation to the game industry and enjoying development of own games. The project is free and quite simple but we hope that it can interest you and helps to kill some time. If you want to know more about the game you can visit this page.

So, Fingertron is arcade racing game where protagonist is your own finger :). As soon as you touch the screen the game begins. Player need to avoid barriers and to collect gears which gives points. Speed of the game is gradually increasing and a player needs to show a good skill to stay on the path for as long as possible. Finally, as longer a player stays on the path as more points he will earn.

Additionally, the game has the constantly increasing multiplier and because of that amount of points for each separate gear will rise. Besides, you can meet bonus objects on the path which will simlify the game progress. The path itself is generating automatically in real time so each next launch will be on the new road.

In addition to a single mode, a player can compete with others. The game is integrated with GameCenter so the records of your virtual opponents will be displayed directly on the road, in the form of lines crossing it.

Aparm from the basic gameplay, which is similar to our previous game Turbofinger, we added a storyline. Now this is not just a race ;). During the game you will meet with the demons inhabiting this world and solve their riddle.

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