Start of a new blog


Hi there. I just want to notify all of you about... Hmmm... So we've started, I mean I've started :), this brand new blog. And what it's all about asking you? Welcome under "cut".

I've some time thinking about what I can do useful for audience and for popularization of development (computer programming). This is strange but I think that technology is the main part of our life today and mainly it moves us forward. People can change their mind regarding political system, economics, sexual orientation etc. but only technology consistently moves us forward, gives us new experience and makes our life better.

Anyway, there are 2 points of this blog for me and, I hope, my team mates:

  1. Spread our knowledge of technologies. It'll include tips for mobile development (iOS and Android mainly), game development (how we see it in perspective of small home indie studio) and maybe something else.
  2. I'll use English to write articles and to raise it on new level because we need to understand each other better. Games should be created for people, creating something for people mean understanding this group of people, their thoughts and wishes. I'll write the texts in two languages at once if possible (EN and RU of course).

I hope this will be interesting for you as well as for me. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss something or correct my grammar ;).

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