Cheerful, arcade and colorful Berry Boom! Read, play and comment. Hope you like it!

Berry Boom!

Cheerful, arcade and colorful Berry Boom! Read, play and comment. Hope you like it!

Development: Iaroslav Veikov, Game Design: Alexander Veresov

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Target platform: Android 1.6+

Target devices: handsets and tablets


  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • German

Genre: brain & puzzle

Target audience: no age limits

Unique features

  • 3 game modes: Puzzle, Arcade and Giveaway
  • Over 100 custom levels in Puzzle mode
  • Amount of levels in Arcade and Giveaway modes isn't limited (levels generated for each session)
  • Online highscores by Scoreloop
  • Effect of bursted berries which nothing can be compared - like the famous "film with pimples" ;)


Berry Boom! is a casual game similar in game mechanics and style to Bejeweld 2, Peggle, Puzzle Bobble etc.

  • From Peggle - it is possible to run an uncontrolled reaction and enjoy with the result
  • From Bejeweld - it is opportunity to select objects by color
  • From Puzzle Bobble - it is cool bubbles :)

However this game is not a clone and has its own original game mechanics. The game contains several game modes: Puzzle and Arcade. One of the main target platforms of the game is Android.

So Berry Boom! it's a simple and colourful game and has original gameplay which are introduced in the first time. On the game field you can find berries of various colors and each berry contains some seeds. Your main goal is to remove all berries on the level. How can you do this? It's simple - touch the berry and it shoots out seeds to other berries etc., until the entire level is cleared. Than less touches you use so much points you get.


Great. I don't play phone games but I actually like this A Google User


Awesome Time pass game.. Lovd it!!! by TeJa

Cool puzzle game. Thought provoking yet relaxing. Thummbs up! Brandywine(samsung moment) by Brenda

Cute! Nice time killer. Gets tougher as you go along. Pay attention to position of the seeds. I like it! by Red


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