Mobile Application Architect - Android and iOS Lead Developer

Yaroslav Veykov

Mobile Application Architect - Android and iOS Lead Developer


Do you need a mobile application or you have a web service that you want to connect to the world of smartphones? Then you’re in the right place.

Personal Projects

Do you have a great idea and you want to share it with me or want to collaborate? Then don't be shy to contact me. There are a few of my personal and collaborated projects.



I develop applications based on ready-made concept as well as from scratch, with the preparation of technical requirements. I'll be glad to help you with technical specifications and development plan if you are only planning your project.

Localization and cross platform porting

Do you already have an application for iOS or Android? I can help you to port it to the another platform, save maximum of functionality and adapt to new requirements.


Do you need long-term support for your application? Developer left your company or you've bought the code and don't know how to build it? I'll help you to adapt the application to fit your requirements and provide the necessary support and consultations.


I'm expert in mobile technologies working on individual projects as well as in team. My main interest is development of applications for Android and iOS mobile platforms. Additionally, I'm interested in development of mobile games and project management.

I was graduated in the Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University with a degree in Software computer technology and automated systems.

The last 10 years working on mobile gaming and business applications as a developer and project manager. One of the significant milestones is the work on Electronic Arts Mobile game projects on localization and porting to mobile platforms as well as the development of mobile games for Namco Bandai Mobile.

Briefly about the technologies I've worked with and can effectively use:

  • Solid background in development for Android and iOS mobile platforms, product quality control and applications design
  • Proven skills in procedural and object-oriented programming, reactive and imperative programming styles and all types of assistive technologies
  • Java (starting from Android 1.6)
  • Objective-C and Swift (starting from iOS 4 on iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X)
  • Web technologies including PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL

A little bit about development tools which I'm using:

  • Version control systems including CVS, SVN, Mercurial and Git
  • Project management systems including activeCollab, Acunote, Basecamp, Trello and Asana
  • Bug trackers including Atlassian Jira, Mantis, Test Track and Bugzilla
  • Various IDE's including Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Android Studio and Xcode
  • Database management systems including MySQL and SQLite

There are a few 3rd party libraries which I've used in the projects:

  • for Android: Firebase, OrmLite, Picasso, MPAndroidChart, Butter Knife, Otto, Retrofit2, OkHttp, Gson, Logansquare, Android Priority Job Queue, Crosswalk, jsoup, AndroidQuery, Facebook, AdMob, Intercom, Urban Airship SDKs
  • for iOS: Firebase, ShareKit, AFNetworking, JSONKit, RestKit, CocoaLumberjack, Box2D, Cocos2d-iPhone, Material, RxSwift, RxCocoa, TRON, Kingfisher, SwiftyJSON, Alamofire, Cordova, Facebook, AdMob, Intercom SDKs

And, of course, I know how to use Adobe Photoshop, create documents in Word or tables in Excel but it's not a surprise now ;). However, task defines the stack of technologies and a good developer can master it when necessary.

Finally, I know how to organize development team and use proper development tools and methods. I can publish developed apps on Apple AppStore or Android Google Play for you. And, of course, I will provide support for all projects after development.

P.S. A small explanation regarding my name for English-speakers. It's containing 2 difficult for translation vowels and because of that it could be translated in 2 different ways: Yaroslav Veykov and Iaroslav Veikov.


Excellent communication and explanation of what you did and when you were doing the next part. Made my job a lot easier. Whatever I asked of you, you were able to provide either a solution or a suggestion. Top marks! Damian Witham / TradeApps, November 2015

Always a 5-star guy who goes above and beyond! Thanks Yaroslav! Beau Patterson / BAAppz, April 2015

Great freelancer. Very professional, methodical and at the same time flexible. Always available for communication and always going the extra mile. Great work. Joshwa Marcalle / Sportium, December 2014

Yaroslav is a very competent Android developer. I had an iOS app that I needed an Android version of, and he came to the rescue. He also had some good advice regarding Android content guidelines which he made easy to understand. Don't hire this guy because I need him for my next project!! Damian Witham / Deals In Apps, July 2014

Yaroslav is a good developer and he spent a lot of time in the API which helped in debugging of Backend a lot. He always updated me the progress and give fast responses. I am very satisfied his work and have hired him for our next project. Charlen Kwong / Monoqueue, September 2013


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